domingo, 8 de outubro de 2023

Manic Person

Um MOD de Manic Miner começado em 2005 teve agora o seu epílogo. E valeu bem a pena a espera, pois o jogo é bastante prometedor, tendo inclusive duas versões, uma para humanos, com um nível de dificuldade mais baixo, se é que se pode dizer disso de um jogo em que entre o mineiro Willy, e a versão para não-humanos, isto é, com um nível de dificuldade... Bem, vejam por vós próprios.

Vale a pena aqui deixar a explicação da sua autora, Alexandra Cornhill.

Manic Person started as my first attempt to make a regular 20-cavern Manic Miner hack with all new levels, new challenges, puzzles and atmospheres. The game eventually split into two difficulty ratings: Human (Normal) and Inhuman (Extremely Hard) versions. These are separate games but most of the rooms are substantially changed not just in difficulty but in visuals. One cavern has a unique layout that's different in each version. Look out for it!

Manic Person was started in 2005, and became abandoned alongside my other JSW project at the time – Jet Set Willy: Role Reversal. Years later in 2023 I decided to revisit these old files and with the help of Daniel Gromann they have been given an extra coat of paint and polish. Not only are there unique background tunes for each screen (20 128-byte-long tunes, i.e. 40 times as much in-game music as in the original MM, which has just one 64-byte-long tune), but sound effects have been added as well, including the item collection sound from JSW.

Não percam mais tempo, venham aqui descarregar o jogo e começar a semana em grande estilo.

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