domingo, 20 de outubro de 2019

Mapa de From Out of a Dark Night Sky: After the Dark

Temos andado às voltas com o novo jogo de John Wilson, From Out of a Dark Night Sky: After the Dark. Para já, e enquanto não sai a review completa, disponibilizamos um mapa daquilo que já conseguimos explorar. Quem sabe não dê uma ajuda preciosa a esses aventureiros por ai...

Podem aumentar a imagem carregando nela. Caso notem alguma imprecisão ou lacuna, por favor avisem-nos.

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  1. You have a few more locations to map yet ... once you have crossed over the bridge ...


    Not so much a 'solution' as a guide to what to do ...

    Firstly, the game is tough as you only have 150 moves to complete it.

    So, plan your way around and the order you execute your actions.

    You will need 'broken branch' in order to dispose of the pods.

    If (and when) the small Alien turns either 'wait' or 'stand still'.

    Search the reeds at the duckpond to learn about the large Alien.

    Get the bell from the door of the house, it is fixed to the frame.

    You need to distract the Droid patrolling the bridge before you can cross.

    Ring the bell in the right place and you will gain access.

    You cannot remove the grille from the sewer pipe but you can still get
    to the hammer if you lever the side of the grille away from the pipe.

    Digging where the leaves are plentiful will reveal a link to 'ARC2 and 'FOOTS'.

    Take a good look at the tree-stump, it is surprsing what people leave behind.

    There are loads of 'red-herrings' in the game, mostly left over from 'FOOADNS'.

    Need to access the hay-loft? Then take a good look around outside the barn.

    EXAMINE and SEARCH will give you two different results.

    Rats cannot escape when wrapped up in a cloth.

    Use the rat to distract the Droid and to allow you to destroy it.

    Kick it off the bridge and then go down and beat it to bits.

    If the communications beacon is activated then it will attract more Aliens.

    You can fill the bucket with leaves, twigs, stones or water - if you need to.

    It is possible to use the wooden crate to gain height - or just to stand on.

    1. Thanks for the useful tips John, I want to complete the game before release the review, that is almost complete ;)