domingo, 24 de maio de 2020

IADVD lança The Hoarder

IADVD ainda não tinha lançado nenhum jogo este ano, o último foi em Dezembro do último ano, Moon and the Pirates.  Achou assim por bem pegar no tema da pandemia, mais precisamente no hábito patético e irracional das pessoas comprarem papel higiénico, e em pouco tempo, segundo El Mundo del Spectrum, criou um jogo com essa temática.

As coisas até estiveram calmas na semana passada, mas começamos a nova semana com mais um jogo para analisar. Enquanto não o fazemos, poderão aqui vir descarregá-lo.

2 comentários:

  1. Cheers, André! thank you for taking care of this little game too. I did not tell you beforehand because it is a skin (as it is documented in my site, the first one and probably only one I will do), not a real "new" game, but the circumstances around the hoarding of toilet paper made me think about doing something quick and saying that I am still alive. It is just to say "sorry for the delay" because it is May and I am still working on a more ambitious project. A space adventure. It will be ready probably in a month or two. I am fighting with the 48k memory, but it looks quite good. By the way, it will be the work of a team, not only mine. It will be written as Furillo Productions. Who knows it will be quite playable or a complete delusion. Time will tell. :) I will notify that one as soons as it's ready around here in the comments (as usual!). Till then, take care my friend!

  2. I noticed it´s a skin of Rade Blunner (already completed it), but enjoyable, like the original was. Can´t wait for your next release, sounds promising... Abrazo :)