quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2018


Já está disponível o Derby++, firmware para o Spectrum 128 K, baseado na versão 1.4 da ROM do Derby. Tem como principais características:
  • PU: Z80 @ 3.528Mhz and 7MHz switchable.
  • ROM: 64K Derby++ ROM with 128K esxDOS support.
  • Storage: DivMMC SD Card support and tape.
  • Total RAM: 280K. No RAM contention.
  • ULA: ULAplus with Timex Hi-Colour video mode.
  • Video RAM: 32K VRAM.
  • Video: 256x192, 512x192. 8x1 & 8x8 attribute modes. HAM256 supported.
  • Video Output: RGB, Composite. PAL.
  • Sound: 6-channel AY-3-8912 TurboSound.
  • Joystick/mouse ports: 2 x Kempston input. IF2/SJS inputs.
  • 9-Pin DB9 RS-232 serial communication port.
  • 5-Pin DIN MIDI IN port.
  • Modern keyboard layout with built-in keypad
  • Power switch, reset button and power LED.
  • Compatible with ZXSE, +2B, ZXHD, divMMC, and many compatible emulators and clones with 64K ROM support.
Poderão aqui vir descarregar este firmware.

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