sábado, 21 de maio de 2022

El Equipo A (versão +3)

Desta vez Steven Brown enviou-nos algo diferente: a versão .dsk de El Equipo A, clone de Operation Wolf lançado em 1988 pela Zafiro Software Division. Esta versão ainda não estava preservada e está gravada nos dois lados da disquete. Assim, quem quiser aceder ao lado B, a password é WHJONDPEAQR.

Poderão aqui vir descarregar El Equipo A, mais conhecido como The A-Team (célebre série televisiva).

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  1. Hi André!

    Excellent! Thanks for your work, and also to Steve for his outstanding preservation efforts, as usual.

    Please note that the above corresponds to the Gunstick version of the game. The Gunstick was a popular Spanish lightgun for the ZX Spectrum (and other platforms). In fact, this version was already preserved to DSKs by Marino Arribas and published at José Manuel's El Trastero del Spectrum, though these dums were not in Spectrum Computing yet. Here:


    However, there exists another version of the game which does not use the Gunstick hardware. The tape edition of this version is already perserved, but the disk version is still missing. If any of your visitors owns this disk edition and is willing to lend it to us for preservation, we'd be very glad to help. In that case, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Thanks for your work!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Juan, thanks so much for the info. I will look for the other version, if I happen to find it, I will preserve it... :)