segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2021

Dizzy (Extended Edition 2021)


Tal como tínhamos anunciado há uma semana (ver aqui), temos mais boas novidades de Dizzy. Assim, depois do maravilhoso Wonderful Dizzy, lançado no final do ano passado, depois da gala GOTY, que elegeu esse jogo como o melhor do ano, e depois dos Oliver Twins terem recebido o troféu que lhes enviámos (ver aqui), saiu agora a "Extended Edition 2021", com imensas novidades relativamente ao jogo original.

Poderão aqui vir descarregar esta nova versão, e fiquem também a conhecer o que há de novo (em inglês):


  • Dizzy's sprite is now displayed 'by mask'.
  • Added Dizzy restore points for each screen.
  • Graphics speed is accelerated by 3 times, the game is synchronized with frame scan if possible. Everything has become faster and smoother.
  • Text scrollings have become absolutely smooth.
  • Added +16 screens.
  • Added +11 items and some other graphics.
  • Some old objects are better drawn.
  • The story has been significantly expanded.
  • Added additional sounds.
  • The water has turned blue color.
  • Removed cheater ways to shorten complete of the game.
  • Russian translation made.
  • Fixed firewood below the boiler.
  • Fixed accidental redefinition of control keys during the melody playing.
  • Fixed pushing of items with hard surfaces to the top frame of the screen.
  • Fixed non-working major digit of the score.
  • The skeleton does not move right if objects are thrown at it. Items fall to the maze screen.
  • Item names are now magenta instead of blue.
  • Dizzy's scattering and gathering does not spoil the scrolling objects.
  • Fixed slow blinking and falling pickaxe.
  • Fixed brightness bugs on the horizontal elevator line in ice caves.
  • Fixed and improved scenario of defeating Zaks. Now after Zacks has moved down, he stops killing Dizzy.
  • Fixed the upper snowflake of Zaks freezing on the amulet.
  • The bridge above the skeleton is now restored upon entering the screen.
  • The bottle does not jump until the fire is lit.
  • Fixed flashing elevator rope in the mine.
  • Fixed a spider moving in jerks on the screen with the hermit house.
  • Fixed lighting of the header and screen frame. Now it is the same as in the game - top-left.
  • Fixed some bugs on title screen.
  • Fixed some internal bugs. 

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