quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2021

Dez aventuras Eslovacas traduzidas para o ZX Spectrum

Fomos contactados por Stanislav Hrda, que nos comunicou uma notícia incrível, e que não resistimos a transcrever na totalidade.

...Maybe it could be interesting story for the ZX Spectrum text adventure gamers: thanks to a small euro grant support, we translated to english 10 slovak text adventures (Made in former Czechoslovakia) for the ZX Spectrum (and one port for Atari XL/XE). Those adventures are probably not most sophisticated adventure games (no intelectual property copyright in communist planned economy and no shops for video games at all), but their origin from soviet satellite country in 80s shows an interesting and a bit obscure nonvisible scene for decades for english speakers worldwide for a first time. Later we will add the screenshots constructed maps as help for players and more contextual information. You can download the ENG versions of games in the TAP format (XEX for Atari XL/XE) from this page.

More on the topic games from former Czechoslovakia - without access to the UK market in 80s that period:

ARSTechnica article

E as surpresas não se ficam por aqui, pois observem só quem é o responsável pela música na primeira aventura que carregámos. Vamos ter muito com que nos entretermos em 2022...

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